First Flock – the Story of Flocklocal itself


In June 2009 a group of activists, hackers, visionaries and do-gooders assembled in Glasgow, Scotland as part of Social Innovation Camp – a three-day event designed to turn back-of-the-envelope ideas into full-fledged projects ready for launch.

The First Flock was a group of volunteers who gathered at Social Innovation Camp with one driving question in mind: What if we could direct the energy of a flash mob into activities with a social purpose? Their answer? Flocklocal.

Over 24 hours this Flock imagined and built Flocklocal, a website designed to match volunteers with local activities. Their vision has been to reimagine volunteering as a sudden act of “do goodery” that helps neighbours and local communities in immediate need.

We also found time to practice what we preach, and go and do some work on a community garden.

Flocklocal launches

With the aid of a grant from Unltd Flocklocal was established as a non-profit company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland (company number 371016). Flocklocal™ and Flock™ were registered as trade marks of Flocklocal, and our very supportive webhosts Gladserv were paid.

Work continued on the site over winter 2009/2010, with the site shown to many local groups and feedback actively seeked. Finally on Monday January 11th 2010, we went live.

Our future

You join us as we slowly grow.

If you still have any questions, contact us. Or help spread the word and watch us grow!

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