About Flocklocal

The Problem

Volunteering can often involve prior interviews, police checks, training and a long ongoing commitment – and while it’s great that some people can do that, many people don’t have the time. But they still want to help their local community – and if there was a way to just turn up one afternoon and get stuck in to a project they would!

Our Solution

Flocklocal lists casual volunteering opportunities to help your community, with no prior interviews, training or ongoing commitment needed – just turn up and help out!

And although we’ll keep you informed of the latest volunteer opportunities (if you want), there’s no compulsion to attend. You and only you decide how much or how little you volunteer!

The lack of checks and interviews means Flocklocal can’t list all volunteering opportunities – sometimes these things are needed for safety reasons. But we can still list many; from cleaning a river to building a festival site!

Do you run a local community group or charity?

We don’t organise volunteering oppertunities – we simply list events other people are running on our website and provide a toolset for people to sign up and communicate. Anyone can list their events on our site for free!

About Flocklocal

We are a volunteer run website. For more, read our story so far. Flocklocal is non-profit company limited by guarantee and registered in Scotland company number 371016. Flocklocal™ and Flock™ are registered trade marks of Flocklocal.

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